Environmentally Safe Mold Removal

When you are in construction or in any type of home remodel service and you live in an environment where it is very moist such as the Pacific Northwest.  You will definitely come across mold.

And let e tell you.  No one wants mold in their house.  They don’t want it for a couple of reasons:

  1. It is unsafe depending on the type of mold which will make the house unlivable
  2. It can be expensive to remove because some contractors know you have no idea and they can easily take advantage of you.  It happens every day.

Another thing I feel that gets overlooked is are the practices they using environmentally safe to get rid of the mold.  Most of the time the practices are not safe so one should always do their homework before committing to a company to use.

Granted I do realize that cost plays a huge factor which it should.  I am not complaining about that.  Everyone deserves a fair price.  And realistically to be safe in tis industry does not cost a lot.  So what I usually do is look around and not go for the cheapest bid and of course not go for the most expensive but go for the one in the middle and that claims to environmentally friendly.

I recently had a mold problem in my house and I came across an amazing company that I found on Google and it is http://moldremovalportland.net

This company took care of us.  First they totally explained and showed us how all of their products and techniques were %100 safe for the environmentally safe and they even offered to have us watch as they did their work to make sure they did not do the whole switcher ooo on them.  So we did watch and they did do exactly what they said they would.  I am a contractor and I know all of the tricks and they did not pull any of them.

When they were done the mold was all completely gone with none in sight.  I did get quite a few quotes just to make sure were the ball park price should be and they were right in the mix.  They were not the cheapest or most expensive.  They were right in the middle.

Plus I did run into some companies that did try and rip me off.  They did not realize that I knew what I was doing and I gave them a piece of my mind.  They literally ran away.  Pretty funny.

But wha I liked the most was that they directed me to a website that talked about the best way to prevent mold in the future.  It was an EPA website.  I read the website and I am no longer going to have any mold issues at my house.

I tell you what.  I am recommending Mold Removal Portland to everyone because you can tell that they really truly cared.  You don’t se that too often and when you do you have to make sure you support the company that really cares.

Environmentally Friendly Copper Hangers

I told you that I was going to be introducing a whole different variety of weird and obscure business that are either doing it or not doing it right for the environment.

Not all of them are going to be construction based but some are as you could tell from the last post.

I still think it is amazing that how much money a person or business can same in the long run if they think about the environment.  Short run you usually don’t save any money but in the long run you usually always do.  As in the previous post about steel trusses.  They cost more up front but in the long run they save you a ton of money.  If you are in anything for the long run then you have to thing about long term stuff such as how long a product will last or how much money you will save on energy costs or insurance in the coming years.

The EPA is a so important to our environment and saving and I don’t see why more people follow them and do what they say.  Or why so many people are against them.

The product and company that I am going to talk about today is Copper Hangers.  As you can tell by their name they sell copper hangers.  You might be thinking that I am off my rocker right now but stick with me here.

Just take a second and look at all of the crappy hangers that you use on a daily basis.  You will be amazed at what you discover the crap you use and see.  Hangers are ugly and most of them don’t last long and are extremely ugly.

Plastic ones for example are extremely ugly and they break and then they pollute the wastelands because the plastic takes hundreds of years to actually break down.  And lets not forget how when you try and recycle them.  The recycling company does not want to deal with them and they will not accept them.  How ridiculous is that?  They will not recycle plastic hangers.  Trust me I have tried many times and every time they get rejected.  Maybe is your state or city they do but not in my city and I live in a big time recycling city.

Then you have the wire hangers.  Man are those ever worthless.  They look horrible and they break or get bent and worthless after a couple of months.  And again try and throw those into recycling.  They will also get rejected.  Why will they not recycle hangers of any kind.  Really the only good use for these type of hangers is for picking locks in your house.   You know what I am talking about.  When someone locks you out of your bedroom.  All yo have to do is unravel one of those hangers stick it in the hole and then the lock unlocks.  And for older cars they can also be used to picks their locks.  Does not work so great in newer cars.

Then we have the copper hangers that I am talking about.  Granted they cost a little more than the other types of hangers but they last a life time.  Plus their style is ageless.  They will never go out of style.  They are not flimsy so they won’t go out of shape and they also will not just snap under lots of weight.  They are the perfect hanger.  And if by chance you do get sick of them you can always sell them to the scrap yard or just resell them them on craigslist or something similar since they don’t really ever break.

As you can tell I am a huge fan of these copper hangers and I recommend everyone buy them because they do last forever and they look really good.  No more broken hangers.

And this company is doing good.  People may not notice they are good for the environment but they are really good for it.  So just by telling people about them and buying them yourself you are doing a lot off god for our earth.

Our Earth is one of a kind so lets start treating like she is precious.


Steel Trusses For The Environment

I ran across a pretty cool concept for building materials for construction.  Primarily light construction.

I always thought that sloped roofs could only be made out of wood trusses.  Boy was I ever wrong.

The story starts while I was traveling on business in the Southeast United States.  Primarily Georgia.  I went for a run one night and I ran by a new hotel that was being built and I noticed the sloped roof was not made out of roof trusses and I was really intrigued because I always thought that all sloped trusses could only be made out of wood.

So I did some investigating and I discovered that they were actually kind of like drywall studs that were specifically engineered to be trusses.

As far as environmentally it is an awesome product.  I did some research online and I discovered they are called light gauge steel trusses or cold formed steel trusses.  And one of the biggest manufactures is a company called TrusSteel.

Business wise and environmental wise this product makes sense.  Here are a few reasons why:

  1. They are fire poof.  So they will pass a lot of code issues and that helps a lot with bringing insurance costs down
  2. They are bug proof.  This is a big advantage especially down South where their are a lot of bug and termite issues.  Again think about how this will bring down maintenance costs and again insurance because I have not heard of a but that is able to chew through metal yet.  I’ve seen it on the movies but have yet to see it in real life
  3. The steel is primarily made out of recycled steel.  Yes you heard me right right.  Recycled Steel.  What I mean by recycled steel is do you ever wonder where old beater cars go when they die.  Well now they are being melted and then rolled into steel to make products like trusses.  So no trees were harmed or cut down to make these trusses.  Bam that is awesome.  I don’t know about you but I would much rather see a nice looking safe hotel or building with slopped roofs rather than old dead cars in piles at junk yards just rusting away.  Recycling rules!
  4. And engineering wise their is so much more you can do with steel as far as spacing and how far you can make a truss span.  I don’t know very much about engineering I jut know what I read but it makes sense and sounds pretty cool.

I could go on and on with the list but I think you are getting the point here.  This product is awesome.  And from the looks of it their are truss plants scattered all across the United States that fabricate these and install them.  I think all contractors and architects should take a serious look at this product when they decide to design and build a new building.  In fact I just learned you can actually get LEED points for using these trusses.

It looks like the up front cost of using these trusses is more than wood but the savings in the long run are huge compared to wood.  All you have to do is have some foresight and see how big the savings actually are especially when it comes to insurance.  Insurance costs are huge and insurance companies love stuff that can not burn.

Plus have you ever had to deal with mold problems.  They are the worst and the cost of fixing old problems are astronomical.  No joke.  We almost bought a townhouse once and later we learned that the trusses had a mold issue and we were able to back out on our offer with no problems.  We did to want to deal with a mold and nobody else does either.  Plus their are serious health issues that can arise with mold also.  Again remember that steel does not attract mold.  If their was no mold in that town house we would have bought it and been stuck in it to this day.  Thank goodness for the mold and not so good for the seller.

Again do some research for yourself and check out cold formed see trusses.  They are the wave of the future.  They are already big in the South and South East.  Just wait because they are going to be huge nation wide soon.

My First Post

Hi and welcome to my first post.

In my About page I talked about how I am going to be talking about environmentally safe construction companies.  I am going to be sticking to that but I also decided to talk about all environmentally safe companies that I come across.

I feel that the environment is very important and that it is something that we need to keep safe and protect so I will be showing you about all the environmental friendly companies and what they do that is so special so hopefully you can learn a thing or two and apply the practices to your business.

I really feel that most people really truly care about the environment but they really don’t know exactly what they should be doing so they end up doing  nothing.  My belief is that if you just do a little to try and help the environment that is awesome and it’s better than doing nothing at all.

If we could get all companies to just change their practices a little bit each year or month then we will be leaps and bounds ahead of where we are right now which is not very good.

It’s amazing all of the companies I come across that do absolutely nothing to help the environment.  What is even more mind boggling is that some of the companies could actually be making extra money by actually recycling or installing energy saving equipment which will help them save energy costs and they can also apply for tax credits.

I have discovered that most of it is that the company just does not know that the opportunities are out their but I’ve also seen that some of the companies are just lazy and don’t want to do it.

I’ve discovered that if it is a lazy company it’s usually a waste of time for me to go in their and try and help them because they never implement anything I suggest to them.  But the ones that do implement what I suggest also end up writing me huge thank you letters telling me how I’ve helped them a a ton and that is a really good feeling.

I have come across a lot of companies in both categories.  I am still amazed that how many of the companies are just plain lazy and those are usually the companies that end up going out of business because they are not the ones willing to go the extra mile to make a customer happy or make that extra dollar which a lot of time ends up making them a lot of dollars in return.

At the end of the day it is all about making money and staying in business.  I get that but what I have discovered is that the ones that are environmentally conscious are the ones that find amazing ways of making money.  They are usually the innovators and the ones that easily change with the times.

As I have said I am going to be pointing and showing lots of companies that are doing it right and wrong in my future posts.